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In This New Land

by Batch Gueye

Bayefal 02:45
Walilen 04:24
Warnala 04:50
Worr 03:36
Simba 03:36
Longing 04:26


About the Artists and the Album******************************************************************
In This New Land
Latest album from Batch Gueye. 2020.

In this New Land talks about the experience of leaving your home to come to live in a new land with a new culture, a new language, new faces. To work hard to provide for your family back at home and wish them a better life. An important song in the album is “When I left home” and Batch’s message says “ when I left my homeland, I took a piece of you. I made the sacrifice. I always held you there. By coming north, I want to keep you safe, but its so hard. I held you close, so far from home, I always felt you there. By coming here, I made a sacrifice in this new land.”

In this New Land was created by Batch Gueye and Algy Behrens, an amazing artist and producer. Algy is a multi instrumentalist and producer who began his journey with African music in the early 90’s when he played electric guitar with Gambian band leader Lamin Jassey. This lead him to travel to Gambia where he became immersed in the melodies and rhythms of Senegambian music. Ten years later he studied flamenco guitar with one of the top flamenco gipsy families in Andalucia, Spain. Meanwhile he continued to develop his own unique style, fusing blues, slide guitar, folk and AfroCuban traditions.
Algy and Batch started recording together in 2013. It was always a seamless and magical meeting of minds. Batch has a very open mind but is strongly rooted in tradition and Algy is able to weave together all these colours and textures to compliment Batch’s warm powerful voice. Every recording arose in a spontaneous and almost telepathic way. In 2020, the album was finally finished.
********************************************Here is the meaning of the songs for “In this New Land”*******************************************************

Bayefal – its about spiritual people called Bayefal. We always sing in peace, pray in peace and ask people to come with us in the spiritual place called Touba. No matter where you are coming from and no matter who you are, when you arrive we treat you as family, as our brother and sister.

Walilen – Imagine the horse and the donkey. The horse was showing off to the donkey, saying “I run faster than you”. When the horse was running, he fell inside a well. Without the donkey, the horse would stay in the well forever. The donkey is the one who can pull the horse out. So never show your power to someone who doesn’t have power. You might need them.

Warnala – When you were young, you could not see what’s hurting you, eat or walk by yourself. Your parents worked for you, saw for you, supported you. When you grow up, no matter what you have given back to them or how you have cared for them; don’t be proud, be humble. That’s how it’s meant to be. Warnala.

Worr – Don’t wake up one day thinking all is yours. Just remember we have been there, doing it together from the start till the end. Its not about you, its about us.

When I left home – When I left my homeland, I took a piece of you. I made the sacrifice.
I always held you there. By coming north, I want to keep you safe, but its so hard. I held you close, so far from home, I always felt you there. By coming here, I made a sacrifice in this new land.

Simba – Lets come together, have fun, smile and dance together. Today I am going to sing for you, I’m going to dance for you. Will you sing and dance for me?

Longing – Algy was missing his father who passed away. We made a song for him and the people we love who have passed away. We never forget about them. Dikk Dikk Dem Dem Dikk, Ku Dikk Dikk Dem Dem Dikk means if you don’t want to die, don’t come to the Earth. You come come come to the world, you will go go, leave the world. So do something good before it’s too late.

Come together – I am Bayefal, I bring a message of peace. I am there for you, you are there for me. We are one, one family. You know that I won’t let you down, I’ve come this far, won’t turn around. You are, you are my family.

Dance so you are happy
Be happy so you dance
Sing so you are happy
Be happy so you sing
When you are happy anything is possible..

Check out Algy Bandcamp here is the link




released June 4, 2020

Thank you to @Dawcouba Diop (drumming), @Sura Susso (kora player), Priscilla (backing vocals), @Amdy Ngom (drumming).
Thank you to @shutter_photovideo for the artwork.


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Batch Gueye Official UK

Batch Gueye is a Griot, a traditional storyteller from Senegal. He sings the music of the Baye Fall folk with a soulful voice magically bringing the heart of West-Africa to you. Batch’s mouride muslim background, the vocal chanting traditions of mouridism, is his biggest inspiration. Batch is also a price winning sabar dancer.
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